Peach State Orchids originally started as a wholesale provider of orchids to the potted plant industry. We originally supplied many of the big box stores and retail nursery centers with fine orchids. With increased competition from mass producers, we have refocused our efforts on supplying florists and select nurseries with premium floral quality plants. Wholesale pricing is based on the quantity of plants purchased. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a wholesale client. We specialize in phaelonopsis, but also offer a selection of other orchids including vandas, cattleyas, oncidiums, ladyslippers, and intergenerics. We offer two grades of phaelonopsis. Our premium grade plants have 9-12 buds with side branches and/or double spikes. Our standard grade plants have 7-8 buds, with shorter flower stems.

Plants come in two size pots. The premium come in 4" flexible grow pots, which can easily be dropped into decorative containers. For an upcharge, we can put the premium plants into 6" azalea pots. The standard plants come in 3.5" flexible grow pots, and can also be easily dropped into decorative containers.

We also offer a large selection of cut phalaenopsis, as well as cut vandas, cattleyas, and intergenerics. Cuts are subject to availability. While we always have smaller quantities (1-20 cuts) of white and pink phalaenopsis in stock, if you require more than 25 cuts you should place your order 30-60 days in advance. With 60-90 days notice, we can provide as many cuts as you require. Because we cut the stems the day you order is filled, you are guaranteed to receive fresh and long lasting flowers.